Sunday, 15 September 2013

Burnsall Farmstead -Yorkshire Dales

This is the follow up painting to my pen & wash sketch earlier. As you can see I have added local wildlife, sheep in this instance and a few gulls. additionally I have added a figure between the buildings which helps the sense of scale. The roof of the nearest building has also been beefed up to help with the recession and also to emphasise the focal point.

This farmstead can be viewed from the Dales Way just leaving Burnsall on route to Appletreewick.
The river Wharfe run just below the footpath on the right of the farm. The view down the river is also worth a painting and I have sketches and photographs to create a future painting. However my earlier sketch from a few years ago shows a large tree on the left banking which sadly has gone. The decision will be to include or not.